Varani Formalwear

Varani Formalwear needed a site that allowed them to update their ever-changing inventory of tuxedos. The store also sells career apparel on a fully functioning e-commerce section of the website.


E-commerce & Digital Marketing in the Wedding Industry

Varani Formalwear uses the Adobe BC Email Marketing module to keep their company top-of mind with brides-to-be in the long buying cycle of a wedding party.

Here's what we did:

  • All of the inventory is catalogued on the site and rotates eachseason as manufacturers update their clothing lines. The staff updates the site when they have time but also hires 2140 Interactive during their busy seasons.
  • Brides-To-Be who have opted-in to be contacted by Varani are automatically emailed periodically via a series of strategically scheduled email campaigns.

In the case of Varani Formal Wear the owner, Ed, was looking to increase the number of weddings he serviced each year. The challenge was keeping his company top-of-mind with brides-to-be whose wedding were sometimes 18 months from the date of first contact.

"Going through the Discovery Process helped me identify who my target audience was and what they were looking for from us!"- Ed Varani

Once someone's name is added to the email list, they are sent a series of informative emails and/or videos that educate them on the process of picking the perfect tuxedo for their wedding party.