Chef Shola came to us with an existing brochure WEBSITE. We turned it into an e-commerce and digital marketing site that allows him to create semi-private events for which people can book seats at his Chef's Table.


Design, Functionality & Commerce Come Together!

We transformed Chef Shola's brochure website into an E-Commerce & Digital Marketing machine that promotes and sells-out new events every month!

Here's what we did:

  • Integrated content into our Content Management System (CMS)
  • Implemented the Blogging Platform
  • Implemented E-commerce functionality
  • Created and manage Digital Marketing Campaigns

Chef Shola came to us with an existing website that, on the surface, was very pretty but under the hood had no lead-capturing functionality, made it difficult to manage content and offered no e-commerce functionality which was something that Shola was very interested in implementing.

We implemented our blogging platform which gave Shola the ability to write and create posts on his own without engaging our development team. We gave him the ability to add events to the e-commerce platform and charge people for seats to his semi-private events.

He also asked us to manage his digital campaigns on a monthly basis. We designed and implemented a newsletter template into our Email Marketing module. New visitors are prompted to sign up to be notified of upcoming events.

"Everything I've needed to turn my site into an Online Business, Greg has implemented with ease..."- Chef Shola Olunloyo