The Colorado Creditor Bar Association (CCBA) was founded in 2011 as the official trade association for Colorado attorneys primarily engaged in the practice area of creditors’ rights.


Communication & Collaboration

The Colorado Creditors Bar Association (CCBA) website allows it's members to collaborate and share ideas via a user forum, upload and share documents to a Brief Bank

Here's what we did:

  • Complete redesign of current website and implementation into our Content Management System (CMS)
  • Integrated Events Module
  • Implemented E-commerce functionality
  • Created and manage Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Gave active members ability to share and post documents
  • Created a Members Forum

The CCBA Board contacted us because they needed a way for active members of the association to communicate with other members, share legal documents, pay for certification training and be notified and register for upcoming association meetings.

The President of the Association came to us and said "here's how our 'Membership Benefits' reads. Can you make that come to life for us?"

We did.

"The solution that Greg and 2140 Interactive created and implemented is exactly what we needed for our members"- Alan Greenspan, CCBA President